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Turning Your Hair Loss Around With Veila Hair Extensions

Turning Your Hair Loss Around With Veila Hair Extensions

There are many causes for hair loss, anything from Lupus, Alopecia Areata, Fungal Infections to thinning hair are just a few that will impede hair growth. Noelle Salon has the depth of experience to assess the challenge and be able to give you back the hairline that you are looking for with her Veila Hair Extensions using the pull-thru method that uses silicon microbeads. Her method not only brings back your hair styling, but also is gentle on the scalp, and makes maintenance simpler, and eliminates potential damage to your natural hair.

Hair Health

There are a variety of hair, skin, and scalp products that can address the direct cause of hair loss, such as Minoxidil/Rogaine however, hair loss can be a lot more complex when it comes to your immune system attacks your hair growth. Various medical conditions usually are looked over by the American Academy of Dermatology for ways to address and improve hair follicle growth and recommend treatments. Alopecia Areata is classed as an autoimmune disorder leaving you with balding spots where treatments range from topical immunotherapy, Corticosteroids, or Minoxidil. There is no cure for Alopecia Areata, and while you are trying to promote hair growth, hair extensions might be a solution giving you a chance to grow stronger hair. Lupus (another autoimmune disease) is another condition where you lose hair, and it can be more than just the scalp, such as eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and body hair. Below we will cover what Noelle Salon has done to take on the challenge of helping its clients through this difficult situation.

Autoimmune Transformations

Yodit's young client Suffers from Lupus, and the transformation is astounding. The before and after photos show the outcome which just boosts her confidence and self-esteem. The client's family has really appreciated the results of her Veila Hair Extensions.

Here is another example of what Veila Hair Extensions can do for hair loss, which brings back the confidence and ability to be carefree with your lifestyle. There are no glues, no shaving, no tension on how the Veila Hair Extensions are applied - Virgin hair is the highest grade in quality, and the pull-thru method is leading the industry in how the hair extensions are applied.

Fine Hair

Fine hair is not as critical than hair loss alopecia, Lupus, or other medical condition that might yield hair loss. Yet, the Veila Hair Extensions still deliver a significant transformation, if body and length of hair.

Thin Hair - Veila Hair Extensions

Veila Hair Extensions and Pull-thru method

While there are a lot of competing products and methods to apply hair extensions, we can stand behind the product and method in delivering the highest quality and result - not just as you come out of the salon, but wearing your hair extensions every day. Wearing hair extensions is a commitment to yourself, your self-esteem, and how you want to present yourself to your family, friends, and co-workers. We at Veila Hair extensions take into account how you will wear, maintain, and adjust your hair extensions over a year, and look to minimize discomfort, hair damage and the need to keep returning to the salon.


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