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Kardashian-Jenner Hair Extensions

Kardashian-Jenner Hair Extensions

Kardashian-Jenner Hair Extensions

Say what you’d like about the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but they are beauty trendsetters especially when it comes to hair.  It is no secret that they interchange wigs and hair extensions quite often,  but have you noticed their new hair style?  They are wearing very natural looking long hair!!!  No more hair that hangs like a blanket and weighs a ton such as hand tied hair extensions.  They are wearing hair extensions in lengths from 22 to 24 inches that looks like natural hair, even a bit stringy on the ends.  Kylie Jenner’s hair stylist’s Instagram is blowing up with this new au naturale look.

How To Achieve This Look

Creating this look is quite simple, use less hair extensions and create a perfect blend with precision cutting and blending.  Instead of adding 200 grams of hair, opt for less by using 100 grams of hair extensions.  Leave more natural hair out of hair extensions and choose colors that create a perfect blend such as balayage hair extensions with darker roots.  Color selection is very important in creating a natural hair style. The Kardashian-Jenner’s hair extensions are not obvious instead they have free flowing hair!  Some of their attributes  are far less natural looking, but their hair is not one of them!

Choosing The Shade

One component of a seamless blend is choosing a color that matches well with your client’s own hair.  Natural hair (with or without hair color) is darker at the root and lighter at the ends.  Even when hair is colored the ends are generally tapered therefore the sun and elements will lighten them.  Don’t rely solely on hair swatches, but open a package of hair extensions and place it under your clients natural hair, fan it out and see how well it blends.  I don’t recommend coloring hair extensions, but on some occasions I will use a gentle gloss to create a perfect color blend.  Glossing does not work on inferior brands of hair extensions, but does work on our Veila Pull-Thru virgin hair. 

Notice the natural flow of our model's hair

Kardashian Hair Extensions

Cutting and Blending Hair Extensions

When it comes to creating natural looking hair extensions, blending them into your clients hair is the most important.  Never use cutting shears to blend and layer hair extensions, all rules of hair cutting go out the window!  Instead slide your cutting shears to create layers or use a razor, that being said, gently skim your shear or razor to avoid cutting too deeply which will lead to over cutting.  

The new natural hair inspired Kardashian-Jenner hair extensions have very tapered ends and a bit of a “v” shape.  This can be achieved by  point cutting into the weight line of the hair  extensions or carefully razoring the ends of the hair extensions.  You must proceed with caution and if you are not familiar with these techniques work on a mannequin before attempting to blend your clients (expensive) hair extensions.  Curling hair extensions helps to create a natural hair style, but your client’s hair should blend just as well when worn straight.


The beauty industry is always evolving, education is key to keeping up with trends, basic skills, coloring, hair extension application and cutting hair.  At Veila Hair, you can sign up for virtual or in person training  and we are now adding hair extension cutting and blending of our Veila Pull-Thru hair extension training.  If you are like me, you can spot hair extensions that are improperly applied, exposed and not properly blending from a mile away.  Our work should never look like that, we want our client’s to receive tons of compliments and send new client’s our way.  

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