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Virgin Hair Color Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair Color Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair Color Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair Color


Virgin hair color extensions will create a very consistent hair color from order to order, and has a far more consistent coloration from roots to ends unlike remy hair.   Virgin hair is not only the most desirable quality of hair extension, but the quality is more durable. Veila virgin hair is derived from  one donor (one person) therefore, there is no mix of other color.  Remy hair color may have different shades of color throughout the hair extensions.


Virgin Hair vs. Bulk Hair 


Virgin Hair Color Hair Extensions


Many are often confused between virgin hair and bulk hair labeled as virgin hair.  Large suppliers that offer an array of color use “one” donor virgin hair,  the hair stylists does not need to worry about coloring the hair extensions to color match the client’s hair  Veila Hair is a supplier that offers over 20 colors and our goal is to offer colors that are ready to apply to your client.  Our hair extensions are  virgin double drawn which means they are the same thickness from the root to the end of the hair extensions.

Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions Double Drawn Hair

Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extension's Double drawn hair is thicker hair without shorter pieces and will fill in a client’s hair quickly. You will not have to worry about stray hair and thin ends.

Bulk Hair Extensions

Bulk hair extensions are  generally dark in color which may or may not have  been colored.  Bulk hair can derive from many sources and requires the stylist’s to color, bleach and/or toned in order to match the client's hair.  This is also considered virgin hair (if it is not colored), but this hair is generally sold in bulk ponytails and not in offered in a particular  method of hair extensions such as our pull-thru method, keratin, and or hand-tied hair.

Bulk hair is difficult to work with and very time consuming to color and attach.  Coloring bulk hair is quite a timely process and the results are often not consistent.


Virgin Hair Color

The process of coloring virgin hair is time consuming and tedious.  Most virgin hair color is from a darker source, so it needs to be decolorized before dying to the shades we offer.  The hair is put into baths with water and a chemical similar to coke a cola, this process is repeated several times, and takes over 1 month.  Once the hair is gently decolorized it is then dyed to desired color.  Unlike inferior hair which is placed in an acid bath that strips the hair cuticle, the hair cuticle of virgin hair is completely intact which allows the hair to remain supple and tangle free! Using a color swatch ring is fine in color matching, but there is nothing better than keeping stock in popular colors and matching directly from the hair extensions.  Overtime, color swatch rings can fade.

Below is an example of virgin hair and remy hair in the same color, (left) remy & (right) virgin - can you notice the difference in color consistency and shading?  Virgin hair is particularly important to use in extra light blonde tones.

            Remy Hair.                     Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair Color Extensions


Whether to Color Extensions or Not

I would not suggest coloring virgin hair extensions, it is best to match the hair extensions to your client’s color and a subtle variation in tone can be expected.  Did you know that hair dye is not used in coloring hair extensions?  Instead a material dye, such as RIT dye, is used - this is why we do not suggest coloring.  At your discretion, you may tone the hair with a no ammonia semi-permanent hair color if you are a shade off in color.  Never bleach or strip the hair extensions.

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