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Tools For Hair Extensions

Tools for hair extensions

Tools For Hair Extensions

The right tools for hair extensions (applying and removing) are a necessity. Utilizing our branded Veila Hair Extensions tools will help in the application, removing, and reapplying of our luxurious virgin hair! Our tools are made of superior quality and will stand the test of time, All of our tools are branded with the Veila logo offered in sleek black & gold color. We will never sacrifice quality, but we do offer our tools at a steep discount. You can find our tools in our shop under “accessories” we carry exactly what is necessary for our pull-thru method of hair extensions.

What You Need

After the initial training and practice, having your own tools will give you the ability to practice and perfect the application of the Veila Hair Extension pull-thru method. Below is a list of tools that are specific to the pull-thru method.

Crochet Hook

First, you will need a perfect size crochet hook suitable to pull-thru the exact amount of hair through the hidden holes on our Veila Hair Extensions. We know busy stylists often suffer from hand pain therefore our crochet hook is coated with rubber at the handle. The hook is comfortable to hold and helps with the application. We do not suggest using a metal crochet hook most are too small and very uncomfortable to use.


Our microbeads are the proper size for holding client’s hair securely. Our beads are lined with silicone to prevent slippage and breakage. There are many size beads in the market in an array of price points. Our beads are high quality, durable and affordable. We stock colors from black to blonde to match our extensions perfectly.

Removal Tool & Plier Kit

Our branded Veila Tools for hair extensions are durable and made to last. The tools are in a chic leather case for safekeeping. The removal tool has a larger pincher which will remove microbeads in the press a few times and the bead will close easily. There are other tools on the market, but these were specifically designed for accuracy and speed.

The Pliers are sized for the microbeads and make the application articulate and effective for a consistent result. This allows the stylist to concentrate on placement, having the right tension, and achieving the right layering for the overall look. The pliers ensure that the silicon sheath is not damaged as you close the microbead leaving a smooth tangle-free application for the client to enjoy between maintenance.

Many stylists work with other methods of hair extensions such as keratin hair extensions and tape hair extensions. We do not suggest using our tools for these methods, since our extensions do not utilize glue or tape it is best not to risk damaging the finish of our tools with other methods.

Removal Tool & Plier Kit


The Veila Pull-Thru brand is sold exclusively to hair salons, hairstylists, and licensed professionals. You will need to register in order to shop our hair extensions, tools, etc. The pricing of the product and service is at your own discretion.

Customer Service

Customer service is tops on our list and we hope to provide you with the best shopping experience. For questions, feel free to contact us.