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Veila Hair Extensions - Stylist Stories 2021

Veila Hair Extensions - Stylist Stories 2021

Veila Hair Extensions Stylist Stories 2021 

Every so often its is time to circle back to our Stylists that work with our products, gather their feedback and experiences which helps us to review and understand the impact and effectiveness in delivering an amazing experience for their clients. We do this to ensure good customer service in the Veila Virgin hair product and Pull-thru method. We also ensure that the personal care products for aftercare and maintenance follow through to ensure the clients' good health for their hair, and fits their lifestyle.

Since our launch a year ago, we have a team of talented and creative hair stylists working with our new Pull-Thru design and our Veila Virgin hair! They often post their love for our product on social media, sharing what they love most. The consensus is that our extensions are method is easy to apply, remove and replace with no messy removal and time efficient. Applying with our Veila Virgin hair extensions, using a crochet hook and microbeads. They have found our extensions to be 90% more secure than hand-tied hair and tape hair extensions. They are also enamoured with the quality of our virgin hair which allows the clients to reapply the hair extensions up to one year with proper care. Below are some of our affiliate salons' Instagram posts, sharing the love! Below are some of many salons & stylist opinion of Veila Pull-Thru Method.

Prive Salon Orlando Florida -

Prive Salon is an award winning salon located in central Florida, where they are known for their glamorous clientele. Erica of Prive has fully embraced working with Veila Pull-Thru extensions, particularly for her clients that are in the fitness industry and which need secure hair!  

Her model client boasts that wearing our high quality hair extensions helped her win the fitness competition. "I love the ease of applying Veila Hair as well the fact they do not damage my client's hair by adding too much stress!" said Erica. Her client is now on her third reapplication and unlike tape hair or hand tied hair, the attachment area is not damaged, fully in tact and ready to reapply again! This makes hair care easy to manage, and delivers a solid customer satisfaction.

Veila Hair Extensions- Stylist Stories 2021


Blonde Magnolia Salon of Jefferson, Georgia -


Leanna Langford of Blonde Magnolia Hair Salon has been working with hair extensions for many years. She developed her own application technique which creates the "optimum hair extension" coverage and customer experience. Leanna reached out last year, "I always thought of creating a method like Veila Pull-Thru, you beat me to the punch!" Leanna's 30 stylist salon has worked with many types of hair extensions, but the maintenance for Veila Hair has improved her stylist's efficiency all the while improving customer service skills. Leanna loves Veila Hair Extensions so much that she now is an educator for Veila both virtually and in person at her chic Georgia Salon on a monthly basis. She decided to become an educator for Veila after her clients were blown away by the comfort of our extensions, as well as witnessing their hair growing healthier.

Lauren Morales Studio Of Franklin, Tennessee  -

Veila Hair Extensions - Stylist Stories 2021

Lauren a hard working mom with a passion for creating beautiful hair in a time efficient manner. No one wants to re-do poor quality hair extensions and Lauren has been a huge advocate for the quality of our Veila Virgin hair and our Pull-thru method. I often communicate with our customers and Laura where she loves the fact that our Veila hair extensions do not damage her clients hair as stated in her post. "There is nothing worse than removing hair extensions and finding that your client's hair is finer than it was before wearing hair extensions". Whats even better is her clients notice the difference between our hair and other methods/hair suppliers in how it feels and wears in the most positive way.

As you can see by a sampling of our Stylist Stories 2021, the consensus is ease of application, beautiful length hair and most importantly the application has "no damage!". This is achieved by applying a higher quality of hair product with our Veila Virgin hair, with a Pull-thru process that uses microbeads (no plastic microbeads, they are silicon covered for better hair protection). I often reach out to our customers and check in with their experience working with our brand and the results they achieve. The positive comments fill my heart with joy with their creative and delightful social media posts, which are proof positive that Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions are making a mark in the industry.


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