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Grams vs. Weft Hair Extensions

Grams vs. Weft Hair Extensions

Grams vs Weft Hair Extensions - How much to buy.

There is so much confusion between grams, ounces, how many wefts or Veila Pull-Thru to order. I will help to make this easy to decide, simply stated, the average person that wants both length & volume will need 100 grams or 4 ounces of hair in most methods as a baseline. Clients needing thicker hair may need 150 grams to 200 grams or higher. Our Veila Hair is comes in 50 grams packs which allows the stylist to mix colors to create a perfect blend for clients with a variety of hair tonality, as well as the ability to purchase hair extensions without waste since most hair extensions require purchases by 120 to 160 grams and more! With our Veila Hair you can more accurately define the amount of hair you need without over-ordering all the while be able to apply your new hair more evenly.

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Gram vs. Weft Hair Extensions

Weft Hair Extensions can be sold by a bag of hair (most often machine wefts) or per piece. A bag of hair is approximately 4 ounces (100 grams or 8 tracks) and a track of hand tied hair is .5 ounce, therefore 2 tracks equal 1 ounce.

For Veila Hair virgin hair extensions, your baseline will require you to have 2 packs (100 grams), for more volume adding 50 grams to 100 grams takes you to 3 packs or 4 packs respectively.

Hand tied or machine wefts are generally double the price of Veila Hair, our virgin hair is supple, luxurious and durable.

How Many Microbeads To Purchase For Veila Pull-Thru Method

The average person using 100 grams of Veila Hair will need approximately 75 micro beads to attach with our Pull-thru system, this is much less than hand tied extension method and 90% more secure. Silicone lined microbeads (unlike plastic microbeads) are available in our online store in a variety of colors packaged per 1000 microbeads.  These microbeads work with the crochet hook and the crimping tool we also carry and are necessary to work with the Pull-thru method.

Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extension Length & Texture

How to determine length and what to order for your client's individual needs can be difficult, Ordering extensions that are too short is especially a problem. With this consideration, our Veila Hair Extensions are sold at 22" in length for the same price of 18" hair extensions. We do this to ensure customer satisfaction and a great result every time. Our Veila 22" hair will give you long and radiant hair, especially for those of average height. Our hair extensions are double drawn virgin remy which land above the waist on most people, for someone that wants shorter hair extensions (most prefer under bra strap when curled), just simply cut to your client's length.  

Veila Pull-Thru hair extensions are packaged straight, but they are considered subtly wavy when diffused or left to dry naturally. Essentially, our texture offers the best of both worlds and also blends perfectly on clients with textured hair.

Environmental factors, such as humidity, rarely affect hair extension texture, although it may affect clients own hair texture therefore keratin treatments are perfect for balmy weather. Also, when it comes to personal care products a combination of shampoos, conditioners and leave in products should be included in your clients take home care package! 

One of my favorite shampoo/conditioner is Matrix Length Goals formulated for hair extensions.  

Matching Extension Color

The goal is to match hair extensions color from mid-shaft to ends of the hair, not roots. This is because the roots don't get exposed to the elements where mid-shaft to ends do, which change their tonality and color. Keep in mind, fine to medium clients hair will take over the color of the hair extensions so an exact match is not necessary or always possible. I recommend keeping popular colors on hand by ordering a small of stock in shades  from browns, mixed colors and blondes such as,1B, 4, 8, 18/60, and 21P to match directly to your client. Keeping a color ring available is great idea (although shades can vary from order to order). We try to add new shades as often as they arrive in the United States!

Matching your clients hair extensions in natural lightening is important, stepping outside in the sun also helps. Most salons have natural lightening which is very important not only for hair extensions but for hair coloring.

If you every have difficulty in this department, don't hesitate to give us a shout, we strive for good customer service to ensure your client is very satisfied with their Veila hair extensions.

How do you store and pack hair extensions

In a cool and dry place, away from sunlight in a drawer or closet they need to be placed flat or hanging by their packaging loop. The hair extensions must be dry and not affected by humidity, where silicon gel packs might be able to help keep the moisture away from the immediate vicinity.

Planning for two different shades of color hair

The disadvantage of 2-tone hair color with larger packs of Weft hair is that you tend to overbuy given their larger packaging. With the Veila Virgin hair that are 50 gram packs, which come at 22", you can easily split the colors and have exactly what you need.

We at Veila Hair hope that this article helps you plan for your hair extensions, and that you can get a better understanding on how much you will need for your clients' needs and deliver an amazing hair care experience.


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