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Virgin Hair vs. Remy Hair Exensions

Virgin Hair vs. Remy Hair

Virgin Hair vs. Remy Hair Extensions And More

Virgin Hair Extensions is a term often used when purchasing hair extensions, and most of our customers have no idea what virgin hair actually is.  Most assume virgin hair has never been processed, but this is not the case.  Although, the processing of this hair is minimal, there is processing involved to create perfect color consistency from dye lot to dye lot.  But the main difference is the hair is carefully collected from one donor unlike other types of hair extensions which are gathered from multiple donors.  There are more types of hair in the market as there are car models. See our downloadable PDF which explains Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions application & hair quality.

One Donor Hair Extensions

Collecting hair from one person (donor) is not a simple task in an industry where kilos of hair are shipped from all over the world.  The hair is collected from the donor in the exact direction as it grew and then carefully shipped to factories for processing.   Virgin Hair is particularly important for creating the numerous amount of blonde tones. Multiple donor hair can not create this consistency since it is collected from people with different pigment in their hair.  Virgin hair is impervious to matting and tangling unlike hair extensions purchased from online vendors coated with silicone.  Once the silicone washes out while wearing then the matting begins. Our Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions are comparable to the Rolls Royce of the industry.

The Coloring Process

Decolorizing virgin hair is a slow process, no acid baths!  An acid bath is just like it sounds hair is placed in a vat full of acid which quickly strips the color and the cuticle from the hair and then hair color is added along with so much silicone that makes the hair smell like barbie doll hair! Virgin Hair Decolorization takes approximately 2 weeks to 1 month, hair is placed in a solution similar to coke a cola (even less caustic) and once the color is removed the colorization process is ready to begin. This ensures the cuticle of the hair is intact and ready for an amazing customer experience.

Virgin Hair vs. Non Virgin Hair

VVirgin Hair vs. Other types

Pictured Virgin hair vs. Non Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair Is Also Remy Hair

Remy hair means the cuticles of the hair are aligned in the same direction, but can be taken from multiple donors.  Remy hair is of high quality, but not when it comes to color consistency and will not last quite as long as virgin hair.  When purchasing virgin hair you will feel it's soft/supple quality and some may say remy hair is not nearly as supple.  If you compare the 2 in person you will see the difference and the experience for your customer will be one of delight.  Educating your customers on the differences is very important.  You may want them to print out this article to help them understand they are wearing the best the industry has to offer.  Remy Hair Extensions are the Mercedes of the industry.

Non Virgin Hair And Remy Hair

This hair is collected from the ground and brushes while collecting hair.  It is the most inferior hair quality stripped of the hair cuticle and is subject to matting, inconsistent color variety and coated with high levels of silicone and after wearing, washing and using hot tools the hair will most certainly tangle & matte.  Using this hair quality will not only loose customers, but cost money in the long run when you have to replace or return money after tediously applying hair extensions.  There is not even a car model comparable to this type of hair extensions, my advice stay away!

To date there is no governing agency for hair extensions and relying on a reliable hair vendor with excellent customer service is the only way to determine what you are buying. This rule of thumb also applies when purchasing clip in ponytail extensions.  Purchasing hair from large online stores may be indicator you are not purchasing good quality hair, but always ask questions. 

Stay tuned for our next article on how hair extensions are colored and why we do not suggest coloring them.

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