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Why Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions Stand Out From The Rest

Why Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions Stand Out From The Rest

Why Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions Stand Out From The Rest

The combination of Virgin Remy Hair Extensions and our Pull-Thru Veila Hair Extension  method delivers amazing results in a fraction of the application time. Avoid damage,  tension, and tape residue from other methods such as Tape Hair Extensions, Hand-Tied  Hair Extensions, and Bead Extensions. Removal and maintenance are effortless while  keeping the natural hair undamaged, delivering a high-quality standard and experience  for great Customer Service. 

The global hair extension market is estimated to reach revenues of more than $10 billion  by 2023, therefore if your salon is not in on the game you are missing out in a big way.  Not all hair extensions are created equal, and many receive a bad reputation because  they damage your client’s hair or the application and removal are far too time-consuming  to turn a profit - this delivers and is considered bad Customer Service. 

Veila Hair Extensions are unlike any other on the market today, instead of gluing, tape-in,  individual links, or using the ever-popular hand-tied sew-in method, they are applied  using a “pull-thru” technique which is super secure and offers the least amount of tension  and shedding on your client’s hair. This is so important since you have one shot at  keeping your extension client and damaging their hair using other methods puts your  business at risk. Below is the difference between our method vs. other popular methods  today. 

Veila Hair Extensions vs. Hand-Tied and Sewn-In Hair Extensions 

With Veila Hair Extensions, you have a much faster application, requiring less tension on  natural hair, therefore, less shedding. Attachments are 90% more secure, more  comfortable for clients to wear, the ability to wear hair up since we offer different sizes for  different parts of the head and the removal does not damage hair. Removing and  replacing delicate hand-tied tracks can lead to accidentally cutting clients' own hair and/or  cutting the hand-tied track which makes it unusable. Our system is easy to remove by  opening the micro link and removing, then simply reattach at the same time by replacing,  pulling through the reinforced holes & closing the micro link. This allows you to work more  efficiently, take on more clients per day and make more money!  

The Customer Service bonus is seen not just immediately from the application of the  Veila Hair Extensions, but also when they return for maintenance. Customer Service is  key for returning and happy clients. 

Top (l) Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions, Top (r) Tape Hair Bottom Veila Pull Thru

Veila Hair Extension Customer Service

Veila Hair Extensions vs. Tape-Hair Extensions 

Tape-hair is created in 1 size, 2.75” per piece, our hair comes in 2 sizes; 3” pieces for  high follicle density areas and 1/25” for beneath the occipital bone, at the crown, and on  the sides of the head where there are fewer hair follicles. This allows you to fully  customize the extensions to your client's hair without adding stress to hair follicles. Let’s  talk removal, messy tape removal requiring alcohol-based solutions is not fun and re taping to reapply tape extensions is very time-consuming. As explained above, our  removal process is simple, quick, and does not involve messy clean-up.  

Veila Hair Extensions vs. Individual Strand Hair Extensions 

Individual strands do work well on clients with fine hair, but if your client wants max  volume & length other methods are preferred. Not to mention, the application is far more  tedious and the removal is even more tedious. 

Veila Hair Extensions vs. Keratin Hair Extensions 

Keratin Hair Extensions uses hot Keratin to bond and cool to your natural hair. This  method potentially damages your hair, especially if left too long before removal, requiring  special tools and methods for removal. 

The Hair 

Our hair is considered “Virgin Remy” which means it was taken from one donor as it grew  from the head instead of being collected from multiple donors. The cuticles are still intact  which makes the hair supple with consistent coloration from roots to ends. Our  extensions will never matte and with proper care can be reused from 8 months to 1 year!  

Education is paramount & we offer in-person and virtual training online or at our salon in  Massachusetts and our affiliate salon in Georgia. The more you buy the more you save  via our discount program. Our site is designed specifically for hair stylists & salon owners  so you will have to register in order to buy. We are always ready to answer any of your  questions & assist you in all of your needs. Are you ready?